Things You Need To Know About Staten Island Before Your Visit

When most people think of New York, they automatically think of Manhattan, The Bronx, or Queens. Staten Island is without a doubt one of the boroughs that often gets overlooked. With all the negative stereotypes of the area, it is very easy to understand why most people overlook the area. However, whether you are looking for a good time or just an interesting place to visit, you would be making a terrible mistake to leave Staten Island off your list. With that being said, there are several things that you need to be aware of before making the trek to the Island and that is what you will learn below.


If you are not a local you will hear tons of people talking about “The Island.” When most outsiders hear this, they automatically think about Manhattan. However, this is not always the case. Anytime you hear a local refer to an area as “The Island”, they are almost always talking about Staten Island. So, if you are looking for directions or seeking information from a local and he or she says “The Island”, you can rest assured that they are talking about Staten IslandEZ Staten Island Landscaping


One stereotype that is true about Staten Island is that the area is overflowing with Italians. The area is packed with a high Italian population. However, this is a good thing because the Italians are widely known for their excellent cuisine and they have really brought it to the area. Anywhere you turn in Staten Island, you will be able to get your hands on some real Italian cooking. From authentic pizza to pasta, you are going to be in for quite the treat.


While Staten Island might not be the most expensive borough in New York to live in, you might be surprised to learn that it is the richest. In fact, the average household income in Staten Island is right around $70,000 dollars, which is pretty impressive for the area.


If you find yourself traveling from Staten Island to Brooklyn or from Brooklyn to Staten Island on a daily basis, you are going to end up going broke. In fact, the bridge toll to get from Brooklyn to State Island is now $16.00. However, it should be noted that the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge are completely free. This could be one of the main reasons that most people try to avoid traveling to the island.



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